• 1. What are serviced offices? Why use a serviced office?

    MOX Serviced Offices provide users with a complete, professional office environment and all the facilities and services necessary to operate a business, for a low fixed monthly fee. These include a prestigious CBD address, reception with call answering services, fully furnished, equipped and serviced office suites, advanced telephones, high speed internet, essential office machines, fully stocked pantry, secretarial assistance and IT support services on demand. Being located close to major transport hubs, it’s as easy as walk-in, plug-in and start work.

    Unlike traditional offices, you immediately reap savings by eliminating the time and cost needed to secure a fixed lease, renovate the space, buy your own furniture, hire your own staff, install your own office machines and telephone / Internet access.

    2. What are MOX Serviced Offices lease terms? How quickly can I start using office space?

    MOX Serviced Offices’ workspaces are available for rent from as short as one hour to as long as 12 months, and can be renewed indefinitely. Our simple two-page licence agreements do not require complex negotiations with legal representation and do not attract stamp duties, with resultant substantial cost savings. And if you need to upsize or downsize, you can do so within our locations with no penalties. Just let us know and we’ll find an alternative office suite on our premises which better meets you needs – relocation only takes minutes.

    Signing up is simple – simply walk in, select the office suite you like, sign our license agreement and place a two-month security deposit together with your first month’s rental, and you can start work immediately. Your phones can be activated within an hour. What could be easier!

    3. Where are you located?

    MOX Serviced Offices is located in Raffles Place, the most prominent part of the Central Business District in Singapore. We are just 2 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT Station, with convenient access to all major local and international banks, postal agents, Government offices, restaurants, clinics and all the other services and facilities needed to operate business.

    4. What size of offices do you offer?

    Our workspaces range from 1-2 person office suites to open-plan team offices capable of seating 10-12 persons. In addition, as our units are modular, it is possible to take a number of adjoining offices together to accommodate even larger groups of people, providing unlimited expandability.

    5. How much do your serviced offices cost?

    We have different room types to cater to your exact requirements, depending on the number of staff, the equipment you need and the length of time you’d like to stay. All office suites come inclusive of building fees, water rates, electricity and heating / air conditioning, building and plant maintenance, redecoration, cleaning, reception staff, furniture, etc so there’re no hidden extras. Rates start from $1,000 per month but do contact us for a detailed quote.

    6. What if my office space requirements change?

    No problem – unlike traditional leases which lock you into a fixed space, clients of MOX Serviced Offices can simply upsize or downsize your space requirements according to your needs within the business centre, with no penalties.

    7. Can I customize my serviced office?

    When you initially sign up with us, we’ll usually provide you with various layout options for your office – simply inform us of your preference 24 hours in advance and we’ll ensure all the furniture, telephones and IT equipment are set up before you even step in to your office so you can simply turn up and start working on your business. However, if you have special preferences (e.g. different room colors, special paintings, etc), we can also arrange to get it done.

    8. Do I need to supply my own office equipment?

    No. Our business centers come fully equipped with everything you need to do your business. This includes ergonomic worktables, chairs and cupboards, digital voice-conference capable phones, high-speed Internet access, fully staffed reception areas, admin and IT support on-call, fully stocked pantry and work areas with all the essential office equipment. Simply bring your own laptop, plug-in and start work. However, if you prefer to use your own furniture and equipment, just let us know and we can arrange it.

    9. Can I view an office? How do I book a serviced office?

    Yes. Simply drop us an email request or call us to arrange a viewing. Or feel free to simply drop by at any of our business centres during office hours and we’ll be glad to show you round.

  • 1. What is a MOX Serviced Offices’ virtual office?

    Our Virtual Office Plans provide you with a choice of prestigious local business addresses, mail handling, virtual fax, and call answering services. You can use our address to incorporate and register your company or business in Singapore. Our staff will collect, sort and forward your mails and faxes. Or opt for our dedicated phone services and our professional receptions will handle your day-to-day calls in your company name according to your instructions. You will also have access to our meeting and conferencing facilities as and when required, supported by our trained staff. You get all the benefits of an office, without the need to pay the full cost for one.

    2. Who uses MOX Serviced Offices’ Virtual Offices solutions?

    Our Virtual Office Plans are suitable for all types of companies, in all stages of growth. In particular, they are especially suitable for individuals or companies who:

    – Need to create a professional corporate image.
    – Work from home or overseas but need a prestigious local address.
    – Need to hold meetings in the city.
    – Are always out of the office getting new business.
    – Miss calls because you’re in meetings.
    – Want to test a new market at manageable cost.
    – Need to be seen.
    – Need localized assistance.
    – Can’t afford the cost of setting up a full-time office.
    – Don’t need a permanent office yet.

    Our current clients include start-ups, overseas representative offices and even listed companies who find it more professional and economical to outsource their call answering services to us.

    3. What if I need to meet my customers?

    No problem. Simply book a day office, or one of our conference or meeting rooms whenever required. All rooms come equipped with furniture, digital voice-conference capable phones and broadband Internet access. Our receptionists will help greet your guests, show them to your room and help with serving refreshments. And if you need assistance, our trained secretarial and IT staff are available on-site. All you need to do is drop us a call or email to book your room in advance, and invite your customers – we’ll do the rest. Our rates start from S$20 per hour.

    4. What are the benefits of using Virtual Offices?

    First impressions count, especially when you’re just starting your business. By using our Virtual Office Plans, you gain:

    – A prestigious office mailing address in Singapore’s CBD.
    – Centralized mail and fax management.
    – Dedicated telephone with professional call answering in your company’s name.
    – Fully equipped office and meeting facilities on demand.
    – Access to trained staff available to help on any matters, including incorporation, accounting, administrative or IT support.

    You can easily test new markets without the need for large capital investments. And when you’re ready, you can expand into a MOX Serviced Offices’ serviced office whilst retaining the same address, phone and contact details. All the benefits of a full-fledged office without the costs.

    5. How will I receive my telephone calls?

    When you opt for our call answering plan, you will be assigned a dedicated DDI telephone number for your company. All calls received by this number will be answered in your company’s name and handled according to your instructions – options include taking a message and emailing it to you, forwarding the call to your mobile phone (works worldwide) or redirect it to your voicemail box which you can retrieve remotely 24×7. You’ll never miss another call.

    6. How will I receive my faxes?

    All typical Virtual Office Plans come with a free shared virtual fax number. All faxes received by us are automatically converted by our system into PDF documents and emailed to your email address provided. You don’t need your own fax machine to be able to receive your faxes anytime, regardless of where you are worldwide. If preferred, you can also choose to have your own dedicated fax number (additional cost applicable).

    7. How will I receive my mail?

    Mail is delivered daily to our premises. Once received, we’ll sort and process it according to your instructions. We can forward mail to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, fax it to you anywhere worldwide or scan it into PDF files and email them to you. Includes weekly reminder service.

    8. What facilities and services are available to Virtual Office customers?

    In addition to our address, mail, fax and phone services, all MOX Serviced Offices’ Virtual Office clients have access to our full menu of receptionist, secretarial and IT support services. In addition, you are welcome to use our office facilities and machines, conference or meeting rooms as well as pantry areas during office hours (additional cost may be applicable).Our office hours are from 8.30am to 6.00pm on Mondays-Fridays.

    9. What do I need to sign up for MOX Serviced Offices’ Virtual Office Plans?

    Simply complete our online Enquiry Form – our staff will contact you shortly to request for all the information necessary to configure the Virtual Office Plan to suit your exact requirements and helps speed up the setup process. We will also require a copy of your company’s registration (ROC) certificate (if available), a copy of both sides of your I/C or passport, as well as a valid credit card to complete your transaction. Your account can be ready for use in as little as 1 hour.

  • 1. Why use MOX Serviced Offices’ meeting rooms?

    Our conference and meeting rooms provide a flexible, low-cost solution to companies requiring meeting space. Capable of seating from 2 to 12 persons, we are able to cater for conferences, meetings, interviews, training seminars, tele- or video-conferencing sessions. Supported by on-site admin and IT staff, we ensure your meetings are hassle-free and more productive.

    2. What type of facilities are available?

    MOX Serviced Offices’ conference / meeting rooms are fully equipped to meet all your needs. These include:

    – Conveniently situated in the CBD near major transport hubs.
    – Warm and professional reception areas.
    – Free local calls.
    – Free Broadband Internet access.
    – Free whiteboards, flipcharts, LCD TVs, digital players, etc.
    – High-intensity LCD Projectors for rent.
    – Network access to printers, fax, scanner and copiers.
    – On-site secretarial, admin and IT support.
    – Complimentary cappuccino, tea and water.
    – Catering available on-request.
    – Costs 30% less than hotel meeting facilities.

    3. What type of support is available?

    Our staff are professionally trained in managing high-level meetings and conferences. They will ensure that all the equipment you need is set up, tested and ready beforehand, and will be on-standby to assist throughout the duration of your meeting. Our staff can also assist in note-taking, typing, faxing and even translations should you require it.

    4. Is catering available?

    Yes. Catering is available on-request. Simply let us know your budget and type of cuisine required, and we’ll handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.

    5. What if I need to print, photocopy or fax documents?

    MOX Serviced Offices’ are fully equipped with the latest office machines and connected to our LAN network for easy access anywhere on our premises. You will be assigned a PIN code should you wish to print / copy / scan / fax documents yourself. Alternatively, you can approach any of our staff for assistance.

    6. Can I be reached during my meeting?

    If you wish to be undisturbed during your meetings, simply forward your calls to us and advise our receptionists on how your calls should be handled. We can take a message, drop you an email, forward your calls or simply hold them until a time convenient to you.

    7. What are your prices for conference and meeting rooms?

    Our conference and meeting rooms come inclusive of facilities like flipcharts, whiteboard, LCD TVs, internet access and digital phones. Charges for use start from just S$20 per hour (cheaper rates applicable for longer rentals). Additional equipment and facilities – like LCD projectors, digital recorders, laptops, videoconferencing equipment, etc – are available for rental on request.

    8. How do I book a meeting room with MOX Serviced Offices?

    Booking a conference or meeting room is easy. Either drop us an email with your requirements and we will contact you once availability is confirmed, or give us a call directly to check availability and make an immediate reservation.(Note: A valid credit card is required to confirm bookings).

  • 1. What business services are available?

    MOX Serviced Offices provides the full range of services required by businesses, including:

    • icon-bookAccountancy and book keeping
    • icon-wrenchAdministrative support, secretarial services, and IT support
    • icon-femaleConcierge & reception services
    • icon-envelopeCourier & mailing services
    • icon-fireDisaster recovery
    • icon-planeAirport pickups for clients and travel booking
    • icon-clockSecurity & cleaning services
    • icon-micTranslation services
    • icon-cupCafes & catering services
    • icon-videoVideo Conferencing
    • icon-graphConference & meeting room facilities
    • icon-briefcaseCorporate identity
    • icon-feedInternet access
    • icon-cabinetRack space & storage space
    • icon-lockKey & proximity card security
    • icon-frameParking space
    • icon-globe2Email, web hosting, and web design services
    • icon-printerPrinting, copy, scanning, and lamination services
    • icon-phoneDedicated phone number and facsimile services
    • icon-pencilStationery supplies
    • icon-notebookBinding
    • icon-monitorEquipment rental (computers, LCD projectors, etc)

    2. How many staff do you have at MOX Serviced Offices locations?

    A full-service office staff is always on-hand in our business centres to handle all your day-to-day receptionist and administrative duties during office hours. These include receptionists to handle your mail and calls, an on-site center manager to oversee its operations, IT staff to provide IT & telephone support, and cleaning staff to ensure all your premises are kept spick and span. Unlike traditional leasing, you do not need to hire an outside administrative staff to service your office.